Toreador Films, LLC is an independent production company for both film and video. We produce, shoot, and edit projects both artistic and commercial on a contract basis. To our clients, we are able to offer full production services for an independent budget, all customized to the unique needs and stipulations of the client and their project.

Visit the contact page to make an inquiry and get a quote on one of our custom-tailored production packages.

Story Conceptualization

Toreador will expand your video idea into a fully-fledged treatment with ease.


Published professionals with years of screenwriting experience will help you tell your story.


We use illustration to make sure your vision is properly realized.

Budget Planning

Toreador Films will work within your budget to make the best product possible.


Comprehensive pre-production will ensure quick turn-around on your project.

Location Scouting

Our connections in the Tri-state area allow us to find the perfect locations for your production.

Crew Hires & Payroll

All our associates are freelance filmmakers with years of experience.

Equipment Rentals

Our network of freelance professionals and rental houses ensure that we can get any gear we need to tell your story at the most competitive price.

Creative Direction

Classically-trained, award-winning direction for both narrative and commercial film and video projects.


Picture, color, sound, score and animation/CGI, from rough cut to final lock.